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This blog is self-explanatory. Because of my background on the University of Minnesota and Saint Cloud State campuses, I seen even more clearly the need for the light of truth to shine in the darkness.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Holy Spirit is still alive and kicking!!!!!!

One of the main deceptions that we deal with on campus is the idea that the Holy Spirit, along with His gifts (1 Cor. 12, 14), are not for today. This couldn't be further from the truth. This idea is refuted both biblically and experientially. Why am I so excited about this today? Well, the Holy Spirit just came in power and might on our little Bible study at St. Cloud State University last night! Students were filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time or experienced a refilling (Eph. 5 talks about being filled with the Holy Spirit...greek word tense denotes continual filling). Some spoke in tongues for the first time. Some received prophetic words and encouraging promises from Scripture. Either way, it was special. Thank you Jesus, the baptizer, for your good gifts through the Holy Spirit!! Go to and check out the resources page for a tract on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit if you want to learn more.

Holy Spirit not for today? flogged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Dream comes true

Three months ago, God gave me a dream that we were in the delivery room and a little girl came out. I believed this dream was prophetic for the sex of our new baby due in June. Sure enough, we had the ultrasound last Friday and it was confirmed. I think it is neat that the God of the universe does these things for the building of our faith.

Now, sorry about not posting for a LONG time. Which deception shall be flogged today? How about the idea that more education alone is all that is needed to curb the AIDS epidemic. I read a story recently from South Africa that discussed their HIV infection rates among various parts of the population. The amazing thing is that now AIDS is on the rise among the MOST educated and the professionals in SA. It is declining in some of the slum areas, but has increased from 6% to 9% infection in the most affluent group. Often on campus we hear that education about all the details is needed and most effective. I say that the best example I have to give is my life and testimony that is based on God's best for us all; the word of God. If we sow in the flesh, from the flesh we will reap corruption, but if we sow in the Spirit, from that eternal life. It's not rocket sceince, it's very simple. Safe Sex corwd, consider yourselves flogged with love.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Spirit-led Lawyers

Over the last 10 years of my life, my opinion of lawyers has changed quite a bit.  In 1997, a guy named Matt recruited me and four other friends to join a lawsuit that challenged the campus fees system at the U of MN.  Our lawyer was Jordan Lorence.  These legal virtuosos rarely get the positive credit they deserve from the media.  This is probably because too many of them are busy chasing ambulances and exploiting 'victims' to get a big check.  But I digress.  Jordan is a different breed.  He is a man that stands for principle and for righteousness in our nation's courts. 
As soon as I met him, I knew he was down-to-earth and very personable.  Not only that, but he was very passionate about the cause.  He, like myself and the other plaintiffs, did not like to see the university forcing students to fund groups and ideas that violated their conscience.  I remember fondly the dinners we would spend together as a group with our Spirit-led lawyer.  He would crack jokes (without botching them), mainly about himself, and tell us great stories of his experiences on campus in the 80s.  I loved how we opened our meetings with prayer and prayed throughout when we got to a tough spot and needed God's wisdom. 
If you asked Jordan, he would tell you that he is no great legal mind but that he just serves a great God who is the source of all justice, righteousness and truth.  Sure, he has argued before the Supreme Court and handled other big-name cases.  But, you'll only find his name tied to something worth fighting for even though there is not much of a financial reward at the end.
Through Jordan, I had the opportunity to meet another Spirit-led lawyer named Charles Schreffler.  He is the guy I talked about in Tuesday's post about separation of church and state issues on campus.  Yesterday he shared with me and a group of campus ministers about his struggles and victories over the years.  He displayed to us very clearly his love for God and his family and his dependence upon the King of kings for legal matters.  It's encouraging to hear about a lawyer who prays for wisdom and trusts in God to reveal His light in our judicial system. 
There are many today who would tell you that they would never trust a lawyer.  I guess I would have to disagree.  I can certainly trust a lawyer who trusts in the One who gave us law in the first place.
Thank you Charles and Jordan and the many others who are out there fighting the good fight in the legal arena.  hey, when Jesus said go into all the world, these guys took it to include the courts as well.  Bravo!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Separation of believers?

Every once in a while there is something worthwhile to read in the MN Daily campus newspaper. I found something in yesterday's version on the topic of the First Amendment and the unconstitutional notion of separation of church and state. You can read the two articles here.

Both of them invoke the names of TJ and James Madison. The latter is the actual authority on the first amendment's intent rather than trusting in a personal opinion letter written by TJ to the Danbury Baptists where the term "separation of church and state" originates.

There really is no debate on this issue as the historical record has spoken loud and clear. The problem is that no one cares to look at history any more. I think the real crux of the issue lies in a quote made by Mr. Tabash in his editorial on the matter. He states in his criticism of religious involvement thusly,

"The evidence clearly shows the intent to form a nation in which government cannot favor believers over nonbelievers. The opposite would be horrendous. Imagine a society in which you would be a second-class citizen just because you did not subscribe to any supernatural belief system."

I must strongly state that there is no such thing as a non-believer. We are are religious in some way, shape or form. If you are a non-believer, as our society describes it, you still believe in something. A religion is an idea or belief system that one fervently follows. We are all religious. Our government was never designed to "be religious" or establish religion but there are many governmental duties and decisions that must be and are indeed based upon morality. The whole notion of a judicial system must have morality. The executive branch that enforces the laws must abide by morals and ethics. The legislative branch must, of course, also make decisions on the passage of laws that have moral effects. So the question becomes: "Which moral code reigns?" Aren't we really just replacing one belief system in this country with another? The scary thing is that the common sense of atheism and agnosticism has led this world to the unprecedented destruction of human life in the last century. Although one who is atheist can be moral, we must give credit where it is due. There is nothing good in man intrinsically. God is the source of all goodness and he already gave us a conscience and moral code to follow. It's a pretty good one too.

The church of God must continue to rise up and proclaim God's goodness and promote its permeation of the culture. I haven't met an atheist that discounts the validity of the ten commandments in everyday life any way. So what's the problem dude?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Overpopulated abortion mills

The notion of overpopulation tends to rear its mythical head about every day on America's college campuses. This particular deception shall be flogged thoroughly today in this post. Our current world population is 6.5 billion. Many believe that because there is famine and malnourishment in certain areas of the globe that the cause is too many humans. From 1961-1998 the world increased its production of food by 24%.

From 1900-2000, GDP increased 10 times more than the population. The question is not that of limited resources but human nature. Man is corrupt. Wickedness tends to be selfish and anxious about the future. That is why wealth is in certain concentrations around the world. These concentrations are also in the areas that are the most free (relatively speaking). Corrupt people can tend to overtake and rule corrupt governments. Because of this, the millions of relief supplies that the US sends to Sudan, for instance, will never make it to the people who actually need it because the government in Khartoum is a corrupt Islamic dictatorship that is bent on killing all who oppose them.

Many have thought that abortion is the answer. Over 1 billion people worldwide have never had the chance to live thanks to this idea. When Moses was born, there was a mass extermination of babies. When Jesus was born...the same. Human life is extremely precious to God. We understand this because we are made in his image. For example, if you were to put an immense amount of time and resources into something, you would want to continue to see that idea, business, invention, project grow and live, not die. In the beginning God created. There are no accidents in God's eyes. The half-thought-out idea of overpopulation stands in stark contrast to the preservation of what is good and worth protecting in society. The problem is that we have overpopulated the abortion mills with many who could have helped to cure the world's ills.

The flogging could continue for days but i will stop here.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Let the floggings begin!

After leaving my blog dormant on blogspot for 2 years, I have decided to activate it finally. God gave me a title for it that will hopefully encourage all of us to open up a can of whoopa** in regards to the constant stream of deception that is focused on robbing us of faith, hope and love.

all for now...